Unable to sync an external FX processor via SP/DIF with active SRC

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      My setup is as follows:

      1) A RME multichannel audio interface running at 88.2 kHz and outputting a master wordclock signal to the H8000FW, and connected to it via AES3/4 (sync. OK).

      2) A stereo Lexicon FX processor running at 44.1 kHz/16 bit and connected to H8000FW's SPDIF1/2 input/output (having sample rate conversion activated).

      The H8000FW is running at the wordclock rate of RME, and due to the SRC feature is also in sync with the signal coming from Lexicon processor (if it's running an internal 44.1 kHz clock). However, shall I switch the Lexicon's clock to external (derived from the SPDIF input) and the Lexicon can't lock to the Eventide's master clock signal on SPDIF. Everything works fine if all units are using the same 44.1kHz clock (including the RME) and SRC is also disabled in H8000FW. 

      Is it possible to get my Lexicon lock to the H8000FW's SPDIF output under active sample rate conversion?

      Thank you!

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      Eventide Staff

      The H8000's S/PDIF output will run at its main sample rate, regardless of SRC setting. In your setup, this will be that determined by the RME.

      This means that the Lexicon will have to lock to the 88.2k signal – you will have to ask them if it can do this while running at 44.1 (probably not).

      Interestingly, you can often plug a 44.1 into an 88.2, and get away with it. Wouldn't want to do it for the final master, though.

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