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      I bought a second hand TimeFactor pedal a while back but the Eventide site tells me its already registered which which means I'm unable to update the software. I've just successfully updated my Pitchfactor plus my Modfactor but when I try the TimeFactor it fails saying my password is incorrect, which is exactly the same issue I had with the other two pedals until I registered them.

      I've emailed Eventide but in the meantime any suggestions how I can upgrade the software if I can'[t track down the fella that sold it to me.



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      Try deleting your username and password that is saved in the update utility. Reenter it and try again. I had to do that to get my TF to update after I had successfully updated my MF, even thought the username and pwd worked fine for the MF. Just something to try… hope it works.

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      Hi Tony,

      If a Factor pedal was already registered by someone else then Eventide Support has to change it for you. After they change it you'll be able to update the software.

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        I had the same problem too.   Simply contact a support rep to change the TF to your profile for you and you're  good to go.

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      All sorted now, the support guys registered the pedal to me and I was able to update it fine.

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