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      This question isn't a criticism of the 'Factors. I'm glad they sound pristine as i'd rather add my own dirt if I want it. But i'm interested in any opinions on how to go about it: a pedal to place after the 'Factors to degrade or warm up the sound in a musical way.

      I run MF & TF into a Boss DD-20 (which does warm and bloat the sound when its on) into a Fender HRD (which i'm about to get biased as its too piercing right now, i'm sure this'll help a lot).

      I know little about OD/Distortion/Boost pedals. Pedals with tubes inside appeal but i've read some convincing forum arguments claiming that many of them are basically snake oil.

      Any opinions appreciated!

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      I don't know why you want to get pristine tones slightly 'messy', but here are some nice ideas…
      1. Klon Centaur Overdrive: people love this thing – Google it and check out the feedback.
      2. Keeley pedals: again, research them.
      3. Ethos pedal: some people think this is a little bit of Dumble tone in a box.
      4. Radial Tone Bone pedals: made in Canada, used by many top players (uses 12AX7's, but I use one to slam my Lone Star & Lone Star Specials and it's great).
      5. Damage Control pedals: dual 12AX7's and highly rated.
      Quest forth and let me know-
      Bobby D. – Chicago

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      Thanks for those suggestions, i'll check them out.

      I suppose by unclean I mean two things: literally smoothing the digital edge off, and imparting a small amount of unpredictability. This would be the icing on the cake – for me the programmability/portibility of a 'Factor vastly outweighs its analogue equivalents, every time.


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      I recomend a EPpre pedal. It's an Echoplex preamp in a pedal.

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      Interesting…an Echoplex pre-amp. People seem to be putting these before their delays. Have you tried one with a 'Factor, and where would you put it?

      Your suggestion led me to the Ulbrick Megalodon, also interesting but more of a boost. Thanks.

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      I haven't tried a EPpre but I have a real echoplex and with the preamp after the 'factor it adds a little compression and warmth. The other thing you can do is run the 'factor in front of the amp instead of in the effects loop. I found the digital delays just too clean to be used in the loop. 

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      Hi, what i can recommend is an Electro Harmonix LPB2UBE Stereo Preamp(http://www.ehx.com/products/lpb-2ube). I use this one to record and before my crate powerblocki and it adds warmth, definition, tone and – if you want grit! and – it's stereo, which is very important, as the factors are stereo themselves. great pedal, for live AND recording.
      i use it as the last in chain when i record directly into my pc! sounds like amp recording!

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      sounds like you might want the damage control boxes instead, they have tube overdrive built in, personally i like having dirt seperate

      however… here's some ways to get a little dirty… the vintage delay you can turn down the bits so it sounds kind of old and crusty, on delay in general turn up feedback and slur/smears/spreads

      on the modfactor i think the retro tremolo or one of the trems has overdrive for the xknob or intensity knob, maybe it's bias trem i don't remember offhand… one fun thing is you can assign an expression pedal to that knob and then you can turn the grit on gradually

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      Thanks for these suggestions, i'm investigating them…

      I got lots of other options suggested at http://www.tdpri.com/forum/stomp-box/151867-always-pedal-warm-up-digitals.html

      Shane – i've just been experimenting with these MF-after-TF effects. Blimey. My next purchase will be loopmaster's effects sequence reverser!

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      Good to see another tdpri user here tooBig Smile

      there are a few of us here.



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