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      I am trying to print tracks in Ableton Live with the Undulator AU plugin but I cannot get the effect envelope to start consistently.

      I have BPM sync active, I have tried automating both Retrig and Effect On/Off. I have tried automating Tap Tempo in the plug-in but that didn’t actually seem to do anything.

      I feel like this may also apply to other Eventide beat-synced effects (I briefly tried swapping in Ultratap to see if that worked; it did not). As I love the sound of Undulator, any insight would be appreciated!



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      Hi, can you post a screenshot or attach a screenshot of the settings you are using?

      One recommendation – try automating Retrig to be on for about a beat or so, and then automate it off. We've found in some hosts that if you only breiefly automate it to be on (where the automation looks like a sharp peak), then sometimes the automation event is not correctly picked up from the host.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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