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      Sorry to bother you again @Eventid Support

      i had try to update my H9 for three days,First i use my iphone5s with new verison H9 control update from 5.0.1【3】to 5.2.0 【1】,its fail. and it have 10 secs delay when i turn on my H9, then i try to open it with Hotknob and right footswitch to erase 。Then i try to use Eventide Direct Updater ,on H9 Update mode,it just crashed when the 2% of firmware update transferred to the stompbox,,then it said “An error occurred!” the H9 will said “Bad” on display .and the Direct Update said Restoring device ,please wait….and the H9 will turn off .”Update transferred! “will on the Direct update , when i click the “ok” button , it will search for devices again and find nothing . i need to turn on the H9 again , and it will repeat all the step again and again.

       i used the update file (209186 H9_5.2.0[1] (2).bam)what you give it to me yesterday , and it didnt work .

      i have try windows and Mac with online and offline it didn’t work.

      im sure i used eventide power supply and used USB to connect computer.

      now when i put the power supply to my H9, it will turn on about 10 secs delay and all light will flash one second then the H9 will turn off. it cant open anymore. just can used Update mode. and it can do nothing TaT

      im living in Beijing , China, i dont know where i can fix it.

      please help me

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry you are having trouble.

      Since you can get it into UPDATE mode, you should try the Direct Updater a few more times.

      If you have no sucess, you should contact support@eventide.com, rather than use this Forum.


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