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      I am trying to update to the new firmware, but cannot login..

      Receiving this error:

      Cannot login. Can only use letters or numbers in user name or password.

      But my username has a "_" in it??

      I changed my password too just to be sure that wasn't the problem.

      Anyone else have this problem?

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry – when it says "only letters or numbers" it is not kidding. This means no spaces, no underlines, in fact nothing that is not an, uh, letter or number.

      We are at fault in that our Web Site currently allows you to enter these invalid characters  – this will be fixed. In the meantime, try and correct your user names or passwords – if you cannot, contact  support@eventide.com, giving your serial number, your old info, and your desired new info.

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      I noticed that the release notes for the updater mention that you can only have letters/numbers in the username. Earlier updates did not have this limitation.

      I emailed the eventide staff, and they removed the "_" from my username. I am going to retry the update now.

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      OK that fixes the problem, update installed. Yes

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