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      Dear all, decided to update my pitchfactor after more than 6 years on the road, first time doing it.

      So, I have a Mac running Monterey 12.4 and tried to do the USB thing with “Eventide device Manager”, so if I DON´T reset (middle button) the stompbox to update mode, the program immediately recognizes it. Still, for installing the updates the program says I need to reset it in update mode.  So I do it, but as so, the program no longer recognizes my stompbox and if I select the “unknown device” the program shuts down.

      What´s going on? Am I doing something wrong?

      btw, using eventide power supply.

      All the best,


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      Eventide Staff


      Sorry for the issues you are having. Please contact support@eventide.com and we can help troubleshoot your issue there.

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