update TF to V3.5 but Pink Floyd Preset are not here!!!

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      All seems Ok when I udate the TF 

      When i go to  46.1– 46.2 –47.1 etc ….i have not the new preset…

      don't uderstand.  Helppppppp 

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      Only needed to initialized TF and now i have the new prests…

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      It is worth Remembering  to back up any custom presets and make a note of any midi or global configs before you do an initialize because you will loose them during the initialize process.

      You can then reload them.

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      Hello friends,

      I have the same issue, however I do not wish to do a full Initialize, to avoid the hassle to re-enter all my settings, aux mapping and presets.

      Could the new Floyd Presets be made available to registered members/ pedal owners in the form of a .zip file, in order to be able to be individually loaded via the FLib software as and where they are required?

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      Eventide Staff

      Mysteriously, there doesn't seem to be a way to delete individual presets using the pedal.

      If FactorLib works for you, you could send it your presets, delete/renumber the ones that are hiding the Floyd presets, reinit the unit, then send them back.

      In the fullness of time, we will update FactorLib with the latest presets.

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      I do not yet have access to the floyd presets, because i had already used my own within the banks allocated to these (46:1-50:2) and therefore the only way to see them would be to re-Initialize the pedal.

      However, I have noticed that during the update, ONE floyd preset wad entered, in a position that by accident was not changed/renamed from the original pedal 3.0 presets.

      Therefore my question is: what would be the manner in which one could manipulate and reset the relevant presets (46:1-50:2) so that the Update Utility considers them as "original" (not altered) and updates them with the NEW floyd ones (without changing the rest of course)?

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      I ve make a kack up of my preset in Factor lib before reinitializing.

      Make a back up after reinitializing, send my first back up to TF and send the new floyd preset after.*

      (excuse my english ,hope you understand!!!!).

Viewing 6 reply threads
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