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      I'm trying to install 2.3…. but it keeps failing with the attached error

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      To further assist  you with problems updating, please email support@eventide.com with the following information:

      -Serial Number




      -runtime.log. This is found in:


      XP: C:Documents and Settings[logged in user].eventideupdateutilityruntime.log


      OS X: /Users/[logged in user]/.eventideupdateutility/runtime.log


      -Steps to recreate


      -Version of bam on device prior to update (reported by EUU)

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      -Version of software reported by the pedal via System Mode->Utility->SW VER


      -Bam file(s) that were used during update


      -Computer type


      -Operating system (name and version)


      -Type of microprocessor on the computer


      -Mac: G3/4/5, or which type of Intel processor


      -PC: processor type

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      Its OK thanks it worked this time.

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