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      i downloaded the lates update utility file. i have connected my pedal to the computer and i open the utility…   it keeps stating: NO EVENTIDE DEVICES COULD BE LOCATED. ATTACH YOUR DEVICE, AND PRESS REFRESH TO PROCEED. i've tried TONS of stuff… but i just keep spinning my wheels here…   any advice?

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      i just had somewhat of the same problem

      While powering up your pedal press and hold the middle foot switch,

      UPDATE should be on the display

      Now launch the update utlilty.

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      Which pedal do you have? Try turning MIDI_CLK off, if applicable.

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      thanks guys! 😉 i have the MOD, PITCH, and TIME factor pedals.

      i tried the suggestions you fellas made already.

      i searched the forums and tried everything…

      turned midi off

      reset the pedals

      three computers

      three differnt usb cables

      update mode etc…

      i'll call eventide today

      i am so excited to hear the updates specifically in the MOD factor! so my bass doesnt lose any OOMPF 😉

Viewing 3 reply threads
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