Updated Space now I can’t activate any preset except the first

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      doesn’t matter if i use aux or active/bypass switch.  it just activates the first preset no matter which one I’ve scrolled to.  

      Ive been trying to fix this for 2 days now 

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      We recommend clearing a stompboxes system settings after updating, b/c we've seen weird problems caused by updating.  To do this, turn the Space off and then on again while pressing the right footswitch and the preset selector encoder.  After you do this, you'll need to reprogram the aux switch map.

      If you're still having trouble, could you try putting your Space in performance mode by long pressing the right footswitch, and then assign the aux switch that you have currently assigned to the Bypass function to the 'Left Footswitch (aka Active Footswitch)' instead.  I upgrade a Space and went through the aux switch assignment process.  This should do what you want.

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        That let me properly activate using space but the aux just activates last preset and the numbe rto the left of the preset flashes… closer but not fully restored yet.  Thanks for help thus far

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      Derp….helps when I map it to left footswitch / aka active footswitch 😀

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