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      Hello. I own a TimeFactor and I really like it. I have not updated it with the last os version and I'm a bit scared to do it too often. I have Windows XP now but I just ordered a new laptop with Windows 7.

      Is it better to update the pedal from XP or W7?

      Should I wait for a future update or is this one stable?

      Is there a new update planned to be released soon?

      Now for a more subjective question: I'm quite intrigued by the ModFactor. Some found it too complicated to use, but as a synth composer, it's not a problem for me. It's even very positive!

      I've read tons of praises for the TimeFactor, but some people seemed to dislike the MF for being 'too clean-sounding'. Even on this site, there's a lot of artists endorsing the TF, but we don't get much review quotes of the MF. Personally, I really like warm 70's sounding vintage modulation, complex panning, airy stereo motion and psychedelic bubbling sounds. My music is quite analog/retro-sounding and mind-numbing.. very far from prog & metal! I am a bit hesitant to get a MF. I'd like to try one but I live in a small city, so…

      Should I get one?

      Are you planning to keep on updating the MF with new features even if it sold less than the TF?

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      I found this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5oYHXtRCzM and I hope it helps. If the MF is as flexible as the TF (and it seems so) then I'd get one (if I had the cash). I've had cool mod pedals like Maxon chorus and filter, but all the demos I've heard of the MF sound so good…

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