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      is it possible to save a preset via use and upload to the net so others can check them out?

      anyone want to share some w/ me?

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      Uploading presets is now possible using File Attachment under the Options tab when posting. File types allowed are limited to:


      which means you should zip up .syx files before trying to post. 

      For information about saving your presets to a computer, visit the FAQ pages:



      Also, PC users can refer to the video tutorial by Roobin12:


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      very cool thanks I'll try that

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      Thanks for starting this. 

      I've had a friend save a few of his patches and send them to me via email. Can anyone explain how I use MIDI-OX to load them onto my Timefactor from my computer??

      I've been messing with it for about an hour and can't quite figure it out. 

      Thanks in advance!! 

Viewing 3 reply threads
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