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      I downloaded a couple of the shared presets from the eventide webpage.. however how the heck do you get them to upload to the pedals?? I opened the H9 control app on my desktop but when I go to drag the preset to an open slot, it asks me if I want to browes for a compatable app? What am I doing wrong?

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      Please be sure that you have the latest version of H9 Control installed. Installers can be found here.


      If you're still having a problem, please send an email to support@eventide.com with a more detailed description of your setup (operating system, etc.). 

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      The new way to share presets is certainly a step in the right direction. I hope, though, that the H9 control will allow direct upload to the website from inside the app, and likewise a direct download from within the app, without going through the website. One more thing. Can you enable a “demo” feature where you can hear the presets applied to either a Eventide or a user supplied clean guitar track the way you can do when auditioning an algorhytm? This would make it handy to preview the presets without having the guitar plugged in. Thanks.

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      Thanks kenhan for your suggestions. While I can't promise anything, both are on the wish list!

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