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      Hi, Folks.

      I am creating my own algorithms, and as is often true in development they sometimes need little updates to fix things I missed, the problem is that sometimes they get used in a song and saved in an Emote session in the mean time.   I know that generally speaking it is not a good idea to replace an algorithm with a different one of the same name, but is there any flexibility in this?  For example, fixing typos in knob names or refactoring the structure slightly but keeping the exterior control set and ranges exactly the same?  

      Will all changes to an algorithm break sessions stored in Emote?  How about algorithm presets on the H9000 itself?


      Many thanks!

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      John Baylies

      Sessions, FX Chains, and Presets must be resaved manually after editing and reuploading an algorithm.


      My method when replacing an algorithm I've created is:

      1. remove the algorithm from the session

      2. delete the algorithm from the H9000

      3. upload the updated algorithm to the H9000

      4. add the updated algorithm to the session

      5. recreate the preset I was using in the session

      6. save the session




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      Ok, Thanks John.  I’m assuming then that any algorithm presets I’ve created and saved on the H9K will become incompatible as well?  Or can those somehow be relinked to the updated algorithm. 

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