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      I remember a good number of forum members looking foward to sharing/tweaking original/emulated/template patches to share with other registered owners. The ongoing OS update efforts, commendable presence in the forums –with regular interaction/responses–

      I know there's a lot going on there at once in NJ (or wherever Eventide Land is…) I just am putting in my vote for getting some sort of Patch DB/Collection going relatively soon- It doesn't have to entail some new fancy TF/MF Librarian SW… Maybe just a simple FTP site where sysex files, or some other type of MIDI dump files, can be shared/rated/etc. Undoubtedly it would just add another reason why prospective customers will pick your product(s) over other products that likely would lack that sort of community resource.

      I'm sure that some independently hosted patch archive would eventually pop up on the net elsewhere but having it here, alongside the forums, support docs, etc. is the way to go 🙂 There's enough depth in these stomps to leave one wondering just how many different sounds the effects tweakers out there are already coaxing out of their TF/MF's…

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      The Eventide Forum now allows file attachments that are less than 256k and have one of the following extensions:


      Files can be uploaded under the Options tab when you post.

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      great idea !most other effects companys have something silmilar for there users to share patches from there stompboxes i deff think eventide should set up something like a patch librian system .

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      I would love this. I really enjoy my MF, but I simply do not have the time to even scratch the surface of its capabilities, I would love access to others' killer patches (and to share a few of my own)

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