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      I was just wondering if anyone has used the EXP jack on the 500H to control the Timefactor successfully? My ideas was to use the 500H as a switchable volume/exp pedal, thereby reducing the need for more pedals. And yes, the FAQ does say 500L and EV5. However, on the 500H manual, it says that the EXP jack is a replacement for the EV5, hence I was wondering if it is possible to use it with the Timefactor.

       From the 500H maual:

      * The FV-500H is similar in design to the Roland EV-5 Expression Pedal and therefore can be connected to the EXP PEDAL (EV-5) jack on Roland BOSS
      products. Note that connecting to other jacks may result in damage to the

      Side question about vol. pedal impedance: If I go, Guitar -> vol -> pedal 1, then the impedance has to be high. However, if I go, Guitar -> pedal 1 -> volume, does the impedance have to be low? Or will high work just as well?

      Many thanks! 

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