Using an AB-Y switch to feed Dly A & Dly B with Timefactor

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       Hey everyone.  I recently posted this on TGP but figured someone here would know better if TF can be used this way:

      was just thinking about routing. I typically think of an AB-Y to switch
      between two amps, but has anyone used one into a timefactor? I've never
      even used the other input on mine. But I was thinking…you could run
      the A & B outputs of the switch into the two inputs, effectively
      feeding Delay A and Delay B separately. Set them both for different
      times, tempos, repeats, etc… then your AB-Y switches which delay is
      on when. Of course you can use the Y function to have both on at the
      same time, which is how the TF operates when using a single input.

      The only other way to pull this off with a TF is to map an expression
      pedal to the A/B mix knob, but this would be instantaneous. Also you
      could run effects between the AB-Y switch and the TF, like a drive or a
      compressor, and only have that effect on a single side of the TF, but
      not the other…

      Anyone else try any crazy routing with their Timefactor?

      Also, if you run stereo in's, but a mono out, will Dly A and Dly B be mixed to a mono output? 
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      your best way to have 2 different delays settings remains patching a pedal or MIDI CC to A/B mix. It's fast! This will also avoid problems in audio configuration as TF will not sound as you like with a stereo input and a mono output.



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