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      Hello all,

      I've recently come across an Orville and was hopping that there's a relatively simple hookup for my guitar rig.

      My guitar rig is fairly simple, in that it consists of one Soldano X99 MIDI preamplifier, two Soldano SM100R power amplifiers and of course the Orville. The X99 is controlled by an RJM MasterMind MIDI foot controller, and ultimately I'd like to control the Orville with this as well. The output of the X99 is going into the Orville and two outputs of the Orville go into each of the SM100 R's. I'm not able to get any signal into the power amp's, although the display on the Orville indicates that a signal is going in. My question is, is there a straight forward/simple method of connecting and configuring the Orville to work in this situation? Or perhaps I should be using a switcher/looper of some sort. Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 



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      Eventide Staff

      Two things to look at.

      1) make sure you understand how the routing works. It's entirely possible to get no signal if this is set wrong. A check is that if it works when bypassed, but not otherwise, you probably have a routing issue.

      2) If you are going from XLR to jack, make sure that all pins of the XLR are connected.

      If you have not already, try returning the unit to factory defaults (hold down 8 at second powerup screen).

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      I'll give this a try this evening. Thank you.

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