using boss FS-5U to control tap tempo on modfactor

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      john beddoe

      Hi all

      I just bought a FS-5U switch to control tap tempo on my modfactor. As much as i study the manual and try different stuff i cant get it working.

      It just seems to control slow/break and turns the 1st preset on and off! I've tried the learn function but no joy there. The switch seems to move between tip and tip/ring. I'm using a stereo cable.

      Can anyone out there help me and write the steps i need to go through?!! Help!!


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      Eventide Staff

      Factor pedals allow multiple things to use any given MIDI input – this adds power, but can cause confusion.

      Check all the destinations under [RCV CTL] and [AUX SW] – my guess is that you'll find multiple things set up to respond to your chosen control source.

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      I managed to get it working by making sure that the ring sleeve on the plug that goes into the factor pedal is not connected.

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