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      Hey all,

      I’m sometimes hired to mix FOH at venues other than my regular job, and I’d like to bring along my H9 to use as an outboard effect. I tried it a few months back on Soundcraft vi1 console, connecting it to an aux bus with the H9’s source instrument set to Lead Synth (I figured this would be the correct setting as it’s line level.). I didn’t have much success: the level hitting the H9 was either too low to hear, or so hot that it caused nasty distortion. I’m obviously doing something wrong…any advice would be appreciated.

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      Eventide Staff

      You will not be suprised to hear that the H9 was designed to be a guitar pedal.

      That said, many people use it with a mixer. It can handle a line level which is not too hot.

      If you feed it to or from a balanced line (XLR or stereo jack) you will want to unbalance the line, usually by connecting one of pins 2 or 3 to ground.

      If it still does not work, you will need to have a tech look at your setup.



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      Although I’ve only used it for guitar did you set the h9 via the settings, general, instrument option?

      There you can set the instrument bass, synth lead, synth bass or guitar. Don’t know if that’d help but it’s worth a punt.

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