Using H9 control to move presets to a new preset list?

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      I have found several presets from shared lists obtained thru the shared Dropbox folder that I would like to copy and move to my own, new preset list for further modification. What is the procedure for doing this? I don’t recall seeing a move command in the H9 control (windows). Do I have to export individual presets and copy them back into the new list one by one? I hope not.

      I greatly appreciate your help in answering my question, and thank you.



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      The quickest way to do this would be to select the preset you want to copy, press CTRL-C to copy it, go to the list where you want it to be, and use CTRL-V to paste it.

      I made a quick video showing this for a related (but different) question that came up last month:

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      Thanks! I didn’t know common operating system shortcuts like Ctrl-C operated in the H9 control program. Learn something new everyday.

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