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      Jop vS

      Hi, I’ve got a quick question, and was hoping someone could help me out.

      For some tracks I was hoping to use one of my h9’s to play some audio samples. I now use a boss RC-50 for this purpose alone, so if i could remove this from my setup it would save quite a bit of space. Using the pre-post option, I could even send it to a separate DI box.

      Using the looper algorithm, can you include the recorded audio when saving a preset? I haven’t been able to do so.


      Fingers crossed!

      Regards, Jop

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      Unfortunately you can not. Unless there is some kind of “easter egg” that I’m not aware of.


      I use a USB digital recorder and just put it on my microphonic neck pickup to loop a sample that I later manipulate by playing with the Looper controls.

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      Jop vS

      Too bad, would be a great feature for me. Thanks for the reply!

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