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      Hi everyone – a potential simple answer question here…….I’m a new user of the H9 and am using it (well, two of them) with a onecontrol crocodile. There is no tap tempo switch on that so I thought I would use a JHS mini tap pedal connected to the aux out on my h9. Can’t seem to get it to work. Do I need to use a stereo cable? I thought I had it working yesterday but today, no dice. Perhaps I am just bein an idiot in how I’ve set it up…..thanks!

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      Can't find any info on this – the JHS web site is down.

      I would suggest something simpler, such as:

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      thanks for your comment. I think I have a similar footswitch to the Roland one somewhere……as far as the mini tap goes, even if the JHS site was up you’d find very little info about the pedal.

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