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      Hi Guys,

      I just wondered how everybody uses multiple FX units, in my case the GM2 and an H9.  I currently have the H9 on a rack drawer, used before the amp for sounds which can be used that way like phaser, flanger ala EVH or pitch effects like whammy stuff.  However I want to use both in the loop, which is a stereo setup – amp with GM2 and H9 in loop with L out back to FX return and R out to a Peavey 50/50 used in mono.

      My question is really what would you use each unit for?  What order to put them in, which effects, combining etc? I like the H9 pitch effects and some of its delays but I also like some of the G-Major's! Help!

      I just want to us ethese 2 FX units harmoniously (pun intended!).

      Thanks in advance,

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      It is a matter of what you like and how you like to do things. I would ask myself, what fx into what fx. For example, "do I want to modulate my reverb, or reverb my modulations". Typically I would put modulation first, but there is no reason not to try different ideas.

      Asking the question "what do I want to achieve" is a good starting point. Then trying to understand how the fx works and what it can do and can not do can help to move the process forward.  Although it is useful to understand the physics (just like music theory is useful), hands on experimentation is necessary. (The physics can help you see how things are connected).

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      Thanks very much,

      I suppose my question was a bit more specific as I was asking how everyone here would physically combine the 2 units:  in series or parallel, the H9 pre, which algorithms would you use on the H9 (as the delay on the GM2 is good etc)and so on.

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      …… As the G-M2 is a multi-fx and the H9 practically single FX at a time, I suppose I could put the GM first as it has a nice univibe effect and then use the H9 for delay and verb. Or I could use a nice GM2 delay into an awesome eventide verb or crystals effect??  What are others opinions?

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      …… Also ….. What are the benfits of runnings the 2 units in parallel rather than in series? I understand that in parallel, they would both effect the dry signal  but is that better? 

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      I am curently using my H 9 Through the front of my head and through the fx loop, with the Gmajor 1st in the loop so that the G major’s noise gate will be applied properly within the loop.

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