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      Hello, since I have the H90 in my rack, I would like to switch between 3 presets on the Digitech FS3X footswitch in SELECT mode on my pedalboard. I can’t seem to find any instructions on how to enable the footswitch for this mode. Can you please help me? Thank you and best regards, B.

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      Hello Baccetti,

      It is possible to emulate the behavior of SELECT mode functions using an aux switch. Depending on which EXP input the switch is connected to, it will behave as 1,2,3 for EXP1 or 4,5,6 for EXP2.

      Go into the System Menu > Global > Global – Pedal Ctl

      -One switch should be mapped to “P act/byp”
      -Another switch should be mapped to “decrement”
      -A third switch mapped to “increment.”

      With these mappings you’ll be able search up and down your Playlist and activate or bypass the program.

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      Thank you. I will try this and I hope I make it work. BR,B

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