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      I’m using…

      H9, running 5.9.1[0] Production
      Mission Engineering SP-H9 expression pedal
      H9 Control v.401 for Windows, v4.03 for iOS

      Should I be able to set and modify expression pedal ranges with the iOS app, and if so, can anyone let me know how to do it?

      On the Windows app, I can click on the ring around the knob for any attribute (e.g. Wet Mix), drag it to set a bottom and top range shown by a blue line, and the attribute is then automatically assigned to the expression pedal. Or I can modify the range if one already exists / is already assigned. This matches what the Mission Engineering website shows in a video for the MAC OSx version of the app as well.

      On the iOS app, I haven’t been able to get this to work. When I click and drag, I just move the knob’s current value and don’t either create a blue line for an attribute that isn’t already mapped, nor can I adjust the blue line range for an attribute that’s already mapped. I can double click to UnMap it from the expression pedal, and that’s about it.

      Not sure if there’s a narrow “sweet spot” on the screen that I’m routinely missing, or a different way to accomplish what I’m trying to do, or this just isn’t supported on the iOS app.  (For now I’m just exporting from the Windows app if I need to make this kind of modification).



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      To the left and right of the ribbon strip there are two buttons. Click the left one when you want to set your minimum point; after you’re done making your settings click it again. The right button is used to set your maximum point. Repeat the previous step. Now as you move your expression pedal or ribbon strip you will see you mappings react.

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      Perfect, thanks!

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