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      I’m trying to use the Mixing Link to track two instruments, with a trombone playing into a condenser mic going into the XLR/1/4″ combo input at the top of the Mixing Link and a synthesizer going into the instrument input on the side of the Mixing Link. However, since there is no actual mixing ability for these two inputs (they are both controlled by the same input gain controls), the synthesizer signal is way too quiet compared to that of the trombone. I even tried adding a tube preamp to the synthesizer signal path to give it some gain before the Mixing Link input. but I still could only get the synthesizer signal to within about -12 dB of the trombone signal playing at a moderate volume.

      Is there any way to reconcile this problem? Does anyone have any suggestions? It’s quite frustrating to find that this “mixer” cannot even mix its inputs. The only solution I can think of is to put another mixer between the microphone and mixing link XLR input and lower the gain on that mixer, but I really don’t want to add an entire extra mixer to my setup.

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      hi clundeen, 

      Depending how you are using the FX loop, One solution could be to plug the synth into the FX return (should have plenty of headroom for synth level) and use the MIX knob with MIX Switch set MIX to mix between the trombone mic and the synth. You could have XLR out go to FOH or DAW A/D input and have Amp Out got to a monitor or other destination with it's own level control.

      Yes, ideally the instrument input should have its own level control to mix it in with the mic input. 

      Hope this helps.

      joe waltz


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