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      Hi, I just bought line6 POD HDPro, the unit work perfectly sync midi data , but seems i cant make HDPro as master clock to Timefactor, i would like to sync clock out to timefactor for the perfect BPM . i have set the timefactor  clock in  is ON but no hope result

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      Eventide Staff

      Not clear in what way it's not working from the sparse information.

      Note that MIDIclock has been significantly improved in the latest beta release.

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      I don't think the PODs transmit midi clock, they can sync to midi clock… But I don't think they transmit.

      You should be able to set the TimeFactor as the TimeSource and sync the Pod HD Pro to the TimeFactors midi clock.

      Always surprised how many midi devices dont actually transmit midi clock….luckily Eventide have always been good on this front.

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      Wow,i should ask line 6 regards to the it annot tansmit midi clock

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