using Space as midi clock with tap-t help/ideas/solutions?

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      I am redoing my pedal board and I wanted to use the space as the master midi clock to send to two other pedals.   I have no problem setting it up where it sends the clock bpm to the other pedals.  My issue is this: 

          I have a 3button aux switch hooked to the Space and I use that to set tempo.  When the space has a patch where the tempo is on and needed, it all works great.  When I have a patch without   the tempo turned on is where the problem is.   When it is off the tap function controls the decay or pre/delay.  So if I want any pedals after the Space to get the correct bpm it ends up changing decay time or pre delay while sending the bpm/tempo ,   which I do not want it to do.     I was only wanting it to send clock info to the other pedals.  Is there a way to turn that off or a work around?  

        If I put a timefactor as midi clock master it all works fine.  I was wanting to take the TF off the  board and use it on a different one.  So that is the reason for not just using the timefactor first inline….

      any ideas or workarounds?

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