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      hi all,

      ive recently aquired a GSC3 controller-and am having a *** of a time getting the eventides to recieve midi cc's from it (nOOb) so have come up with a band aid solution….GSC3 sends program change (great works fine)and i use the space to hotswitch all 3 units.trouble is the MF and TF dont seem to see the command.i have it set like thus:

      :PGM recieve1-space

      :PGM recieve 2-modfactor

      :PGM recieve 3-timefactor

      aux switch set to ring,space xmt ring recieve fs2 xmt 80.

      what am i doing wrong?????

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      It may help to know more details. What exactly are you trying to get each unit to do? 

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      basically when i hit the hotswitch on the space,i want to engage the hotswitch on the other two units aat the same time.To use the space as a master controller 🙂

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