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      Hi everyone: this may seem to defeat the purpose of having the stompboxes but, I would like to link all three (PF, MF and TF) via midi and have them controlled by a single foot controller.  I just find selecting the programs on the Stompboxes too cumbersome for what I need to do (i.e., live performance also involving looping and other apps).

      My question is: can it be done with say a Rolls Midi Buddy MP128 or the like?

      How about a foot controller with Exp Pedals? Anyone tried this?

      Any suggestions would be much appreciated



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      You can do that easily using about any midi controller.

      All you have to do is set them to the same midi channel the footcontroller is sending program changes to (p.35 of the TF manual), then change the program change map (p.38 of the TF manual) on each stompbox to switch to the correct preset for each "global" (ie footcontroller) program.

      I'm using a Boss FC-50 footcontroller to switch presets on both my TimeFactor and a Rocktron Piranha preamp, works absolutely fine.

      Hope that helps,


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