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      Hey All,

      My first post here.  I have just received my H9 max.  I want to unse the Minmouse to Increment and Load or Decrement and Load presets.

      Should be easy right?  I have used the Midimouse with my Aex8 and Amplifier to do this but the H9 dosen’t respond.  Is there something else I need to do?

      Do I need to change something in the H9 Control?  Any help would be appreciated.


      Cheers, Mike

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      Seems that if the USB is plugged in then the Midimouse isn’t recognized.  Once I unplug the USB it works fine.  In the H9 Control program you have the option under ‘Settings’ to select a Midi device, however it only recognizes what is available thru the USB.

      Any thoughts.

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      That’s normal operation.
      The midi 5-pin is disabled if the usb-midi is active.
      It’s annoying but there it is.

      You can route the mouse to the H9 thru your computer if you want., For testing purposes.
      Or you can go H9 control via Bluetooth with midi in via 5-pin.

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