Ut oh … my H9 no longer recognizes any input signal whatsoever.

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      I set my second H9 for a while (a year?) and then I fired it up again.  I was able to save a new preset list to the pedal with no problem and I can see the preset-contents  with the control app.  But it will not recognize any input signal at all.  No green light at all.  I reinstalled to firmware with no improvement (note that both my control app and pedal firmware are not the latest b/c I do not like the new GUI).  My control app and my other H9 operate normally.  I am running Windows 10.

      Is my H9 dead or is there a way to awaken it from this slumber?

      All thoughts greatly appreciated.


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      Shot in the dark:  MIDI connected?  Input level defaulting to CC#32?

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      Brock, thanks for taking a shot.  The H9 is not connected to anything and I have checked the midi settings.  CC# 32 was never mapped to anything.  I presently have CC#’s 22-31 for H9 parameters 1-10.    That’s it.

      I guess I could also add that all of the controls on the face of the H9 (increment, activate, XYZ, etc) work properly.

      The control app has an option to reset all settings.  I have not tried this yet, but I will if that’s my last/only option.


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