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      I noticed that not all the preset names made it onto some of the patches on all the factor models. The display reads as before on some patches with the effect name appearing first (Chorus) then the bank info (2:1).  Is this because these patches parameters might have been changed and saved from the original preset?

      This is not a problem for me because I' m probably one of the few that does not care about patch naming and actually like the display as it was before.  

      So my question is can I make all the patches read as before with effect name first then bank #?

      Also asked about getting spillover for Undualtor at bypass on V3. It  did not seem to make the cut any chance it will on future update?

      Thanks for the support and new SW versions.

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      +1 for Undulator spillover…

      I'm guessing that the missing preset names will be updated before the final release of V3. I initialized all my pedals before installing, so in my case, there shouldn't have been any changed patch parameters, but you could be correct about that being part of the reason…

      I hope that the Undulator spillover will make it to a future update. I wouldn't think that would be too difficult to do, since both PF & TF support spillover. MF wouldn't need it, but Undulator isn't just modulation and could greatly benefit from spill…


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      I noticed that the names didn't show up on any preset that I altered. Maybe because it was altered that the names don't remain as well…..?

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      Same here preset names are not saving properly as they keep the bank number (eg a preset named spring will display 2:1 spring).

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