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      Hey Guys,

      I have a Space and a Modfactor pedal that i would like to put into my rig.  I have a synth routed line-in into an apogee rosetta 800.  When i put the space pedal into the chain, the signal drops by 10-12db, even when bypassed (true bypass, dsp, dsp + FX…. i've tried all 3).  This occurs with both the Space, and The modfactor pedals.  I have tried switching line/guitar, amp/line, etc. to no avail. 

      Is there a way to change the output gain of the pedals, even when bypassed? Changing the output to +6 was not enough to make it a full strength signal, and that only effects the level when the pedals are active.

      any thoughts? thanks.

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      Eventide Staff

      By definition, bypass means that it does not affect the signal, so no gain control – sorry.

      But, when the unit is in relay or dsp bypass it is unity gain, so should not change the level. This suggest that there is a problem with the way you have it connected. As far as I can see the Apogee has balanced line inputs, so make sure that the "hot" is connected to "tip" and both "ground" and "cold" to "sleeve"  on the Space's output. My guess is that the "cold" is unconnected.

      Essentially, if the unit is in relay bypass it is out of circuit, so if it is not passing the signal properly the problem is almost certainly at your end.

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      got it.  I'm using TRS cable right now.  I would need to send using "unbalanced" cable, correct?

      thanks for the info.

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      Eventide Staff

      Correct – essentially you need to unbalance the cable. The easiest way is to connect R and S together, or just use a mono jack cable.

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