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      I was just comparing my Time Factor (on the vintage delay setting) to one of my analog delays. The TF doesn't quite have as wide a range of modulation as my analog delay. Even with speed and depth maxed out, the delay modulation, while very nice, isn't especially deep or warbly. If I could make a request, I'd love to see more range/depth in the modulation settings on the vintage delay.

      Is the vintage delay supposed to be an emulation of analog delay? Or is vintage delay something different?



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      Getting it all the way into vibrato like a Deluxe Memory Man would be cool!

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       Vintage Delays, originally born on Eclipse, has been a great success to the point that we added it to H8000/H7600, even in 5.1 format. My original intention was to recreate the sound and artifacts of old rack *digital* delays (Korg-Roland-Lexicon-TC-Eventide-Bel)

      Even though they might have some sonic resemblance w/some analog delay, it's beyond the intention. That's why it's….digital!



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