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      I really like the air sucked out of the room sound with the vinyl record rotating with scratches. Hexe HE Mesulsine III and the Strymon Mobius Destroyer setting with the right tweakings, both can achieve this. It’s hard to justify their purchases for this one effect. Recently being introduced to the H9, I was wondering if there were any algorithms created by Eventide that can achieve this? Thanks, Drew The YouTube clip for strymon destroyer setting features this effect I’m looking for at the beginning of the video.

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      No but they should. I’ve been asking for a bit crusher for years.

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      I woulld love if Eventiide had an excellent algorithym like the strymon distoryer, zvex lo-fi jumky, chase bliss warped vinyl, and WMD geiger counter. Eventide’s tape delay, vintage delay, and some pitch algorithyms get stuff that is lofi cool. It would be cool to have one algorithym that focused on bit reduction, phase, noise and what not.  

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      I just want too add that therre are more algorithyms that can do lo-fi type sounds, then I mentioned above. I keep thinking of others since I read the post. 

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      I want this effect

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      Just discovered: Empress has a good varient of this sound on their new 2017 Echosystem, its lacking the scratchy warped vinyl part, but the root is there in the lo-fi setting. That nice hollow sound that will blend perfectly into a hi-fi following segment!

      Some added vibrato or trem might complete this

      Was debating on an additional H9 core, but this may be suitable… and could possibly give more usable options in my repertoire than the Strymon Mobius.

      Vamos a ver!

      Glad others are seeking the same tone, look forward to hearing it more in use, and hope to find something similar in the H9 Algorithms soon!

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      Has anyone had any success with the Warped Vinyl typemthing with the H9?

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