Virus found after unzipping Blackhole VST installer!

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      Hi there,

      after unzipping the Blackhole VST installer my virus protection software AVG found a virus called


      AVG recommended to remove the installer in order to protect my system, which I did.

      So, what now?

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Starscape,

      This is actually related to a problem from a little while back where AVG was showing false positives for Win32/heur.  You should be able update to the latest version of AVG and you won't see that alert anymore.


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      Hi Dan,

      thanks for your quick reply.

      I thought of something like that.

      I tried an update of AVG and a restart but the warning still showed up when unzipping the file.

      Only after putting the Blackhole installer file on AVG's exceptions list (while it still tried to prevent that)

      it finally stopped bugging.

      I hope it will be fine now. I haven't tried to install the plugin, yet…

      Cheers anyway!


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