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      Maybe, this is a crazy question, but, just in case a new soft. update can help on this… Italo, Dan?

      I would like to know, can i program a preset of my pedals (Time and mod) to boost up my volume…(for example in a solo section)?, this will be very usefull!!! because i?m working in a stereo setup (two combos) and now i?m using two boosters (one booster per amp), and when i?m going to the solo section of the song, i need to change the program, the overdrive, the chanel amp, and the two boosters!!! (Yes, you?re right, i?m a tap dancer….Big Smile 

      I think this will be very helpfull and can help many users like me…

      Dan, Italo? Any idea?

      Thanks a lot guys!!!

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      Hi Martinez

      the pedals do not have any boosting capability. It's not a good way to boost inside a digital device as converters distortion (ugly one!) may easily arise.

      Better to have an analog booster.


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