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      Maybe an easy problem but I don´t get it solved.

      The VoodooLab GC allows you to switch the TF ON or OFF via midi CC messages.

      I can switch the TF ON and OFF with no problem, but the status led on the associated switch on the Ground Control is lid when the TF is turned OFF and vice versa. Not useful.

      Anybody an idea how to change it the other way round?

      I´ve already tried all possible settings on the Ground Control.

      thanks in advance

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      Eventide Staff

      Assuming by ON and OFF you mean BYPASS..

      The latest TF/MF/PF software has a CC option called ACT (ACTive) which is the opposite of BYPASS – this may be what you need.

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      nickrose you are right. With the latest software, the problem is solved. Thanks for your quick respond and help.

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