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      Do you use VSIG to make algorithms for the H9.

      The reason why I'm asking is that it would be very interesting to do so myself.

      I did a lot of Vsigging with my H8000 and Orville earlier.



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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry – it is quite difficult to make algorithms for the stompboxes, mainly because they have many limitations that the rack units do not have. For this reason, and others, we have no plans to offer Vsig support for them at this time.

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      “VSig is a Visual Editor for producing user presets for the Eventide ORVILLE, DSP7000/4000, and current H-Series Processors. It enables processing modules to be added and connected by simple mouse actions, allowing simple and complex audio effects (algorithms) to be designed on screen.

      VSig is the main tool we use here at Eventide to create the useful (and sometimes exotic) presets in our Signal Processors.  We have no monopoly on creativity!  We present this tool, free of charge, to our user community in the hope that it will allow you to give free reign to your sonic imagination. “

      Isn’t the H9 in the family of H series processors?  How about the H3000?  Why can’t you guys offer VSIG flexibility for that unit?

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        Eventide Staff
        jb4674 wrote:

        Isn't the H9 in the family of H series processors?  How about the H3000?  Why can't you guys offer VSIG flexibility for that unit?

        Sorry – it says "current H-series."  The H3000 is by no means current (it's 30 years old).

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        Strictly speaking, the H9 is not a processor – it is a guitar pedal. Beyond this, there is a lot of sublety in the effects – creating anything comparable to them with Vsig would be way beyond most people, and the support requirements would kill us.

        The recently announced H9000 is your best bet.


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