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      Hello everybody,

      I am new to the world of H9000. I read the user manual but I couldn’t find this piece of information: is it possible to design custom modules from scratch? For example… is there a way to convert a C++ code into a VSig module? Or… Can we only play with predefined modules?

      If we cannot create modules from scratch, are there very low levels modules (e.g., sum, multiplication, division, etc.) that I can use to set up an algorithm?

      I thank you all in advance,


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      John Baylies


      It isn’t possible for users to design custom modules for Vsig, but Vsig does have many low level control-rate and signal-rate modules to use. It also allows single-sample feedback loops, which means that technically you could design your own filters in Vsig, though AFAIK no one’s tried that yet.

      These are the signal-rate math modules:

      Screen Shot 2022-02-18 at 12.25.39 PM

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      thank you very much for your kind answer. I will try to develop something exploiting these low-level modules.

      Thanks again!

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