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      Using a Windows machine is like stepping back into the paleolithic. Judging by Apple's success, lots of former Windows users have realized that there is a better world in OS X.

      This is just a request for VSIG for OS X. I can't possibly use it for my H8000FW because it only runs on Windows machines.

      Please, Eventide. Make VSIG for OS X. I love my H8000FW, but I'll never buy a Windows computer.


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      Vsig for OSX, please, for the love of god!!

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      VSIG for os X, please

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      Eventide Staff

      We'd love to have it too. One day ….

      In the meantime, try a Web search for VsigX, and ignore any attempt to sell you government bonds.

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      Yes –  please provide a MacOSX patch / preset editor.

      Also, in this day and age of social networking, having an Eventide patch library online for user community with online search and a set of Wiki pages for the patches, descriptive notes, updates as well as user-contributed case studies as to how they used their product on some work would be much appreciated as a knowledge and experience sharing, tips and tricks efforts.


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      wow, there are definately some issues going on with this forum :(. Somehow everything is displayed wrong…

      Well, as far as I know I do have an OS X version for VSIG for my H8000 CD that came with the Eventide. But there´s no routing program for Mac OS X, so please Eventide, give us some support for that. If a VSIG is existing for Mac OS X why can´t we download it?

      I mean those products are freaking expensive ;).

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      Hey guys! Quick vSigX and ERC update…

      Don't want to be too melodramatic, but in addition to my health issues, I've had lots of problems with my teenage daughter this last year (she is now off at university, yay!) and to top it off, my father-in-law was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer… 🙁

      In the good news department though, work has progressed on ERC and the update to vSigX. I have added a patch librarian function and am even testing access to a web-based patch repository! I've got a pretty decent start on the macro language that I've been building for ERC, and I've extended it to provide editing functions within vSigX too.

      More soon,


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      I´m sorry to hear that…well, what else can you say? I wish everybody the best, theres no bigger gift than health and I hope everything will work out fine.

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      Thats really exicting!

      One thing I am missing on the Eventide is to automatically load a patch when scrolling through the Presets (to quickly audition effects). Hope some sort of 'quick browsing & auditioning' can be implemented in your software, given the enormous amount of prestes available.

      Thanks Razo

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