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      Hi I’ve been thinking about it for some time, so here it is What about a Mixing Link Deluxe? More like a full Swiss Army, each with Swiss Army knives – 2 mic preamps : they are gorgeous, 2 preamps cater for great options : among them stereo microphone recordings. I can see myself using these pres with Schoeps or ribbon pairs for ensemble/string or horns section/percussion ensemble etc….recording. Or using a mic for voc + one in front of an amp, while the amp is connected “to amp” from the unit. The second out “to fx” can be used as a simultaneous DI dry out for recording. There you have it, portable voc + mic’d amp + dry DI recording. Through 2 line outs and the “to fx”. – pan switch : either both mics are centered in the headphones, or hard panned LR for stereo config and calibration – stereo fx loop switchable between unbalanced and balanced : hello stereo outboard gear ! Hello H9 …. or H9000 connected to Mixing Link – possibility to route the aux in through the stereo fx loop : hello mix bus processing of your songs, loops, stereo recordings, either through pedals or outboard – of course 2 headphone outputs – make the Mixing Link a class compliant USB converter, no need to connect the Mixing Link through soundcard anymore, just plug it in the computer through USB – do reamping with just the computer, ML and pedals on the go, again with stereo fx loop either process mono or stereo stuff, pedal or outboard – record with just the computer and Mixing Link. The 2 headphone outputs could provide computer outputs 3-4 and 5-6 for two separate headphone mixes. And of course a neat little software companion would offer control of all this routing, to offer for instance DAW click outputs on headphones for live playing in tempo, for one of the headphones or both. Once the software output settings have been chosen, possibility to store them as a boot state, negating the need of using the control software all the time, or keep those alternate headphone-out settings with you without a computer, if you’d record the ML main line outputs to a portable recorder – add MIDI layer capability to the knobs : at the flick of a switch the 2 mic pre gain, mix, output knobs become 4 controller knobs for DAW, soft synth, plugin automation. No need for a portable control surface. Automate your tracks and send fx in your mix 4 tracks at a time. – and to take it to the summit, do something that has very rarely been done in pedal form : provide small iron transformers actionable with a switch that add transformer saturation, harmonics and steady state compression in the 2 line ins, attenuating them first to mic level in the process, so you can enhance your digital stereo mix, give it an analog hug and record back to the computer (with or without extra outboard stereo fx loop). When using the transformer mode, one of the gain knobs for the mic pres drives the transformer coloration, from slight low freq harmonics bump to steady state compression, softclipping and more harmonics, fat sound (like the original Neve pre 1073 design). The second mic pre gain knob acts as an attenuator for the compensation in boosted level (fully clockwise max level, counterclockwise acts as a fader to zero sound, handy for an old school hands on fade out) – the cherry on top would be another switch with a simplified Omnipressor function, with general purpose settings of let’s say 5ms attack, 300ms release, threshold -12dB. The mix knob would not only take care of going from zero compression to full on, but gradually increasing the ratio and lowering the threshold from sweet mild parallel compression to heavy squeezing and breathing. – the cherry on top of the cherry would be an overload protect on the outputs, that offers a couple of dB’s of gentle limiting (Newfangled Limiter Algo?) as to keep what you record back to the computer distortion free, with a red led indicator if you overdo it, so you can back down. – if there is still room for a third cherry, just before the limiting stage : two 3-way switches with Baxandall EQ * one 3-way switch, long gentle slope low shelf at 40 Hz with -3dB down, flat, +3dB up * one 3-way switch long slope high shelf at 16 KHz with -3dB down, flat, +3dB up To sum it up : – studio/mastering grade mini mixer pedal – dual mic pre – dual headphones out – stereo fx loop, switch between bal/unbal – aux in routable to stereo fx loop – class compliant USB audio converter – still the to amp, to fx, from fx – panning for microphones : either both centered or hardpanned LR – software companion to help with routing of headphones out, allowing a mix between the computer audio and the pedal audio : normal : both headphones mirror the pedal connection and settings, and computer : headphones become USB audio alternate outputs 3-4 and 5-6 – reamping without external soundcard through USB audio – DAW to outboard or pedal processing through USB audio and back – MIDI control function : 4 knobs become assignable MIDI controllers – Integrated analog transformer processing to beef up and color your audio, controlled by both mic gain knobs – Integrated Omnipressor compression (analog or dsp) gradual from light parallel to heavy full on, controlled by mix knob – Integrated easy Baxandall eq with low and high shelves – Integrated overload protection on the outputs With so many musicians on the road with laptops, often carrying way too much gear for interconnectivity , this Mixing Link Deluxe takes away mic preamps, converters, midi controller, headphone outs This would be a dream on the go Eventide pedal, that I’d surely use in studio on top of that, offering unseen/unheard versatility What do you think Eventide? Best Nico

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      RS Field

      Hello. I just ordered a MixerLink. I hope to be able to use it as a mic pre looping in stomp box fx on vocals and acoustic instruments and send the MixerLink out into a Spire Studio. The only way into the Spire is XLR into 1 of 2 Grace Research mic pres.

      Will I need to ‘step up’ or ‘step down’ what the MixerLink sends the Spire level-wise and if so – what do I need to get? Thank you.

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