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      I had a PF for a long time and then had to sell it. I think the last software version I had prior to selling it was 3.5.0. I backed up the presets around that time. 


      I got a PF recently and tried to use the newer H9 control thing – I miss the old Eventide software for the Factor series pedals. Anways, the presets I had the in .syx file sounded NOTHING like what I had saved. I don’t know if it is an error in using the H9 control or something but they weren’t the same presets. Is there a way to view the .syx file with software to see what the presets were – which mode and knob settings, so I can try and replicate them by dialing them in on the PF?

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      The document you need is called ‘TJsysex’, in .pdf format.  It breaks down .syx file protocols for the stompboxes in great detail.  The old link to the file is broken.  If you can’t find it at Eventide, I’m sure that I downloaded & printed a copy; back when FactorLib was the only way to go.

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