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      After the (late, I admit) update to 3.0, my PitchFactor shows the following in BANK mode:

      "1:1[2] 1"

      and not the expected

      "BANK 1:1"

      Any thoughts?  I have reset and reinstalled 3.0 to no avail.  Is this a "feature," and if so, is it documented somewhere?  Thanks!

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      There used to be a 'sticky' here concerning this.  My guess is that this was a 'custom' preset of your own making, created pre-3.X.X.X (before preset naming was a feature).  If you have other custom presets, you might want to check those out, too.

      The simplest solution that I found was to name it *anything* (even a single alphanumeric character) using the PF itself, then save over it again as a post-3.X.X.X preset.  Check all of your parameters first before re-saving.  Sometimes there'll be one or two changes to them (especially if 3.X.X.X added a wider range of values, such as additional waveforms, a larger delay range,etc.).

      Another "solution" is to re-initialize the pedal …

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