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      hi guys.
      i cant seem to find another topic addressing this but im wanting to blend a flange under my clean tone. is this at all possible with the h9?
      as if it was in parrallel.. so i could then have some pretty crazy effect but not take over the sound..
      similarly to make a chorus less noticable.
      the intensity control even at 0 still sounds really affected by the effect.


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      This is the most informed post that I’ve seen on the INTENSITY control [from Russ Wedelich – Eventide]:


      Dan Gillespie – Eventide describes INTENSITY as controlling feedback in the Phaser / Flanger algorithms:


      It’s worth mentioning that the new per-preset WET / DRY routings can separate your input & processed signals; irregardless of the current INTENSITY value. You will need an external device – or multiple amps – to remix them to subtle proportions, though.  But there may be another option open to you.

      When I need similar effects mixed to the far background (and I’ve been doing that much more here lately), I’ve been turning to the Delay and Pitch algorithms.  Many of them have a MIX or WET MIX control, some type of modulation, short delays, and feedback routings.  You can dial in just a hint of phase, filter, and flanging FX.

      Here are a half-dozen examples of that concept:






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      i understand how the intensity works i was just wondering if there was a software feature that allows mix maybe on a deeper page or something. as it doesnt seem a stretch for this to be a possible feature with other algorithms having a mix feature.. guess i require an external mix pedal.
      thanks for the tip on the modulation over other algorithms.

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      Glenn Rutledge

      Great Thread. I too would second (3rd, 4th?) the need to have a wet/dry mix readidly avbl on most effects. Some like balack hole for example have the “Mix” knob but all would be great (at the end of the processing chain if need be as someone suggested. Love the H9 sounds however. 

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