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      I am trying to integrate my H90 into my current setup and haven’t yet cracked the code. I use a loop switcher (the Mastermind PBC 10), with dry effects in loops 1-6 and wet effects in loops 7-10. The Mastermind has an insert between loop 6 and loop 7 that I use to tap the signal via a GigRig Humdinger, so everything up to loop 6 gets sent to the dry amp, and the wet amp receives loops 1-6 AND loops 7-10 (with all the effects in loops 7-10 set to kill dry).

      What I’d like to do is run my guitar into the H90 and designate loops 1-6 of the Mastermind as Insert 1 on the H90, and loops 7-10 of the Mastermind as Insert 2. That way, I could have 3 different options for H90 preset placement: before my gain section, after my gain section but *before* the tap to my dry amp, and as part of my wet effect chain. I find I get vastly different results placing pitch and modulation before and after dirt, and I like having that flexibility. I also prefer to have most modulation effects before the signal is split (i.e. sent to both amps).

      So far so good. However, I run time-based effects (reverb and delay) in parallel. The Mastermind has a line mixer for loops 7-10 which enables me to do this. This is where I encounter problems with the H90. As an example, I’d like to have a phaser from the H90 (Preset A) situated pre-Insert 1 and a delay from the H90 situated (Preset B) in parallel with Insert 2. But if I choose “parallel” as my routing option for Preset B (the delay), it runs in parallel with both inserts. What I want is for Preset A to process the signal, send it to Insert 1 and then to Preset B *in series*, and then have Preset B process the signal *in parallel* with Insert 2.

      Obviously I could use Dual Routing mode and run Preset A to loop 1 of my switcher, and Preset B to loop 7 of the switcher, but then I lose the option to move Preset A before or after dirt in my dry chain.

      I’ve included a diagram of how I’d like this to work. Please forgive my chicken scratch. Would love ideas on how I can make this work! Thanks in advance.


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      Sorry, there is no option to have an insert in parallel with only one of the Presets, but I will log your request for this feature.

      You may find that Dual Routing is more flexible with your setup.

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      Thanks for the response. Would LOVE to see this feature added in the future as it would really enhance routing flexibility! Unfortunately with Dual Routing I lose the option of shifting the location of Presets in my dry signal chain.

      If there are any updates on development of this feature, please keep me posted.

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