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      Mr. Mushroom

      How would the routing work if I wanted to have a wet/dry set up, and also use an insert? For example:

      Having a totally dry signal, and then the wet signal using an outboard pedal in between the presets?

      I’m thinking:

      guitar -> input 1

      output 3 -> outboard pedal -> input 3
      output 1 -> wet amp

      output 4 -> dry amp

      The hope here is that for internal routing on the H90, insert 1 is the outboard pedal and can be placed before, between or after both presets being run in series, and insert 2 would be an unprocessed signal that can be taped before the presets or insert 1, to feed a dry signal.

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      Eventide Staff

      You might find this explanation useful. Go to 8:58 https://youtu.be/0G_WtfUatSc

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